Mii Pure Wonder Brightener


Our Pure Wonder Brightener concealer pen combines light reflecting pigment and skin nourishing ingredients for instant, flawless radiance. This illuminating quick- fix smoothly blends into place for healthier looking and wide awake skin, while the conditioning complex helps to hydrate and restore suppleness. A true handbag hero masking under-eye circles.


  • Provides an instant, flawless radiance
  • Blends easily for healthier and brighter skin
  • Contains hydrating, plant-derived squalane to help restore skin suppleness
  • Disguises dark circles and puffiness

Application tip

Twist the base to release product onto the brush. Apply to under-eye area & pat/press into place, blending with finger tips from inner to outer eye. Gently press along fine lines to hide them.
Blend along the brow bone for definition and highlight. For a full-lip effect, trace outside lip line and blend.

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