Soie Silk Face Covering


Made from 100% mulberry silk, a small luxury but with big benefits. This material is revolutionary in the way it provides protection from external harmful elements. Common surgical masks create a humid and sticky environment around your face lending itself to the cause of acne or dermatitis around the nose, cheeks, mouth and chin. Even frequently changing your masks will not prevent the bacteria loving, steamy environment that is causing your “Maskne”.

Silk’s unique properties are ideal for face coverings, having benefits that combat the common face mask pitfalls. Silk’s strong, tightly woven, smooth fibres provide optimal filtration, while being even more breathable than cotton. It can wick away moisture twice as fast and reduce the humidity in your mask by 50%. The natural antimicrobial attributes of silk discourages the growth of bacteria from any external factors or existing blemishes you may already have, helping your skin repair itself quicker and inhibiting more blemishes from forming.

Silk is far better tolerated than many other fabrics, for those who have sensitive skin and allergies. Its natural smooth texture does not need to undergo any treatment from harsh chemicals that most other fabrics endure, no need to worry about inhaling toxins through the fabric. As well, Its natural ability to ward off environmental allergens will aid in controlling allergic reactions from dust and pollen.

Additionally, while face masks aren’t a fashion accessory, they do take up a fair bit of real-estate on your face. Our range of soft, versatile colours have been chosen specifically with different skin tones and occasions in mind. Allowing you to stay safe and protected for every occasion.

Soie Silk Face Coverings are a non-medical grade three layered mask system, with two layers of 100% mulberry silk, encasing an open pocket for disposable filters. With adjustable, elastic ear loops and metal nose clip, these Face Coverings provide comfortable, secure protection for all faces.


  • 3 Layer Design
  • Adjustable nose wire
  • Adjustable elastic ear loops
  • 100% Mulberry Silk, Inner and Outer
  • Cotton Filters included are Waterproof and flame resistant.
  • Can fit standard PM2.5 Filters


  • 100% 6A Mulberry Silk, 22 momme

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash gently in lukewarm water. Gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry. Cool iron or dry clean

NOTE: These face mask coverings are non-medical grade and are not personal protective equipment (PPE). The masks cannot provide protection from infection and we do not in any way claim they do. Due to the nature of these masks, there is no return or exchange, all sales are final.


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